Way Art West has been involved in touring since its establishment 20 years ago and various touring consortia in the 90’s, such as Live Roots, the Latin Promoters Network. These consortia built in partnership between regional promoters such as Band on the Wall, Casa Latina, Cactus Jazz, Roots at the Buttermarket were the first to focus on cultural diversity in music, bringing artists from Angola, Colombia, Jamaica, Mozambique, Cuba and many other countries to local stages around the UK. Artists included Eddie Palmieri, Tony Allen, Johnny Clarke, Sgt Garcia, Tinariwen and Alfredo de la Fe. Incredible artists in intimate venues across Britain.

This experience led to engagement by various organisations such as Punch, and concert halls to manage other touring consortia such as Music Beyond Mainstream and Black Routes. Through these consortia a wide range of performance was presented in very diverse settings.

Alongside touring consortia we have had a very successful touring programme of our own, with artists from all over the world such as Chambao, Buika, Farhiya Fiska, Lura, Maxamed BK playing to wide acclaim in the UK